1049 Market

1077 Howard seems to be getting a lot of attention from people and being actively discussed. Its a better space from what i understand, albeit more expensive. There’s a ongoing thread here on it. Check it out yo

I think you’re right we should not forget about 1049 Market or let it slip. It’s a poorly ventillated dungeon and we’d have trouble fitting stuff in, but we can afford it, it’s massive, and as Matt said it’s temporary. Hopefully we can put our other search options in full gear and figure out how realistic they are. Someone just posted a few more candidate spaces today you can check them out and see what you think, one of them is near noisebridge and actually seems close to what we can afford (like 3k higher than what we pay now).

What would be the next steps for this property? Should we bring a contractor to get an estimate of what needs to be done (to get to minimum operable standards) and how much that might cost at minimum?

My personal maker space is just a few doors down from this. It’s actually the same owner. I’m not sure this space is still in the running or not & I’m late to this conversation… but, here’s what I can tell you:

  • It’s a great location. I love it.
  • I’ve had a good experience with the management.
  • I have monkeybrains internet @ $150 per month and it’s been solid.
  • Theres a company that goes around and cleans the neighborhood every day.
  • There is a parking lot right behind the building on Mission that I’ve used a few times. $15 per 10 hrs. I believe. I’ve never had any issues there.
  • You can load/unload in the back alley- but cars get broken into often there. I know that building has a back entrance. (I looked at spaces there)


  • There have been many breakins to our lobby with our mailboxes ripped open.
  • The back alley (actually Stephenson Street) is rough.
  • It seems Noisebridge needs the ability to exhaust fumes & such. I’m not too sure that’d be possible here.
  • You absolutely cannot stop a vehicle on Market street (well- unless it’s a commercial vehicle).
  • I get calls from the callbox all the time from people trying to get in.


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