1049 Market


Meet up on Monday at 430p at 1067 market to see the space. I straight up told the broker it’s a ridiculous deal, what’s up with the price. Apparently it’s in a rough area, meaning 6rh street.

Ahmad knows the broker Charlie and has seen the spaces and they are real, and says the prices are real.

So we’ll see.


Right next to the Flying Falafel too! That’s a win in my book. Wish I could make the viewing. Oh well. 10,000 square ft seems real nice. I could be wrong, but the area around there seems no more rough to me than the current Noisebridge area.


@jeremy.llewellyn @tim @tdfischer @nthmost any ability / desire to join? multiple opinions v. much desired and needed.

Nah I’m good. I don’t want to get too absorbed into new space search; it’d be way too easy for me to drop all my other Noisebridge balls.

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Interesting. Yeah… why not, I can make it.

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big empty basement requiring work. I asked for $0.60/sqft/mo. lol. we can put together an offer, even at .79 realtor said ask for multiple months free. been empty for 8mo.

not much natural light at all. Bathrooms (all accessible) on first floor.

elevator didn’t work, but exists.

laser cutter will be an issue, no double doors.

pics incoming.

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only a temporary state imho

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well, the stairwell is narrow and the elevator is a single door, plus the front of the building is like squished between a flafel place and something else, but im not disagreeing with you.

The landlord is probably amenable to us making signifcant changes to the spac.e

240V x 600A. There’s more electrical elsewhere, unclear what we can/can’t use.

Long hallway thing. The metal bar things don’t enclose anything.

Free rug. Another closet / room.

Long shot of room. All the way down there are two windows up top, the only natural light. We’ll see those from the outside below.

Underneathe the sink. Decent pipes, sink wasn’t woking. Unclear if just needs to be turned on.

haunted closet

General state of things. corner area.

Room full of stuff.

Some kind of air thing.

Other view. wtf is it. heater?

Offices we looked at where we could get a bunch of some money but they were super small and we couldn’t really do that much.

Back of buiding, winows, no access.

@tim, @mana, @James, post yur pics!


That rug really ties that paint room together.


Punk as fuck


I’ve got some slightly disorienting, not well thought out, but potentially helpful video from walking around:



Wow. 1049 Market is hideous, cheap, and in an excellent location. That’s practically our dream building.

Do we have an idea of how much work we’d need to put into it to get everything functional?

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Just guessing, 5 ppl would probably take at least 1 full weekend to clear all the junk, and set up temporary lighting. After that the real cleaning would start, e.g. wiping things down, sweeping, mopping, etc. If a large number of people can commit a few hours to cleaning sectioned off areas, it would go quick, 90% of the space is just open concrete floor.

I think realistically 2 weeks (3 weekends) with some dedication. We can clean a specific area and start moving things, though, so it could go in parallel.

Things to make sure work before we start paying are electrical and water so we CAN clean.

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I just ran into a master electrician at Noisebridge that said he’d be down for checking out a space for electrical work needed to be functional & safe.

Is this a place we’d like to seriously consider? If so, I’ll contact him and get him connected with y’all.

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Its truly a ridiculous space in many ways. I think it should be seriously considered because it hits just about every requirement except having double doors.

it would be good if more people would look at it. It would suit my understanding of Noisebridge, but my understanding is hardly universal nor perfect.

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My impressions from the pictures are that it’s very dark inside, without much natural light, and with pretty short ceilings. I get a really cramped feeling from it but it might just be the pictures don’t really do it justice. Was it pleasant to spend time in?

The ceilings are shorter than 2169 and there is pretty much zero natural light.

As for pleasant, it’s best to go see it, others are interested too so another visit would be good.

While the ceilings were low, it was a wide open basement. There are a couple nooks which are small, but they are the exception.

If I had to pick 10,000 sqrt feel anywhere it wouldn’t be here, but for the price and location, and taking our budget and long term goals into account, it’s a compelling space.


Isn’t the place at 1049 Market only temporary until Noisebridge can be able to buy a building?

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Yup! Any place we go after August will be temporary.

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so… this came up again at the meeting tonight. This seems kinda unicorn-y in terms of space, location and cost… and it’s now April.

Are there other options currently being explored, or should we be moving this forward?