1000ft CAT5 and other goodies for NB

Got a batch to donat to NB…if people want?
Thought the cable might help for the reboot.

I know there has been a long ongoing dialogue about when or when not to accept donations. Any new consensus on this for the new space?

Probly goes without saying that I’m a stronger supporter of hardware hacking and the necessary stream of donations needed to support hands-on repairs / building / creating.

hi Zach - thanks for thinking of NB! Right now we are still very much in “can it wait?” mode - definitely not looking to encourage people to make trips to the Mission for any non-urgent reasons. (And generally looking at donations as arguably important but definitely not urgent … vs managing contagion risk right now being both important and urgent as it’s ever been in a deadly serious way). Expecting this will continue to be the bottom line reality to reckon with in the physical space for some time to come.

A lot more starting to happen online in the NB hackersphere now. I notice sometimes people fixating on “can I haz new space yet” may be missing actual community still communing with obstinate vigor -0 wherever we find ourselves online these days (ie https://jitsi.noisebridge.io/hackitorium)

that makes sense. thanks.
just thought cable might be time sensisitve depending on construction happening. Also too much for me to store. so if NB doesnt want it ill have to recycle.

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