$1,700 pick n place gutted and hung on wall D:

Does anyone know what happened here? @Roboto went to the space to pick this up for the move and I was going to start repairing it (been broken for a while but definitely not in an unfixable state). It used to live on top of our refrigerator waiting for a repair.

A lot of broken stuff is still valuable…but nb has a difficult history of tossing things that don’t look a certain way. Would love to come up with some solutions to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

Right now, the entire control board and cameras, which were all connected to a giant wooden board ontop of the fridge is missing. Without that, we’ve tossed all this money into the trash. Hopefully it will resurface during the move, but I’m sad it may not :’(

(I still believe Noisebridge can have nice things, but we’ve got to figure out a way of protecting them)

Details about this gear:

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hi Zach - sorry to hear about the hardware …

Also - unrelated but while we’re here (had a problem trying to send this to you via PM, something something encryption something):

Mission to Mission Mañana, Meeting Mohammed
hi Zach - @the (x) and I are planning a mission to 2169 tomorrow (Sunday) morning / early afternoon. Can try to do video survey for moving if you would like to check in with us.

Also, I’ve been having some pleasant and productive conversations with Mohammed (who has been at the space a lot recently) to help implement covid-19 prevention measures in line with recent Consensus etc. I suggested for him to check with you to compare notes and figure out details as necessary - please let me know if anything I can do to facilitate more communication here. Thanks!

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there had been no interest by people to fix it, and I had to ask repeatedly for it not to be taken apart like a few of our good 3D printers were (especially the prusa). I also think the last cleaning weekend did end up ruining a number of projects in the space, because people who knew what was what, were not around, and it ended up being almost all new people helping clean up the space (it did get cleaned up, but there were definitely a few things some older community members are angry about.) I was fine with it being put on the wall if that meant it would not end up in the trash (or completely taken apart). I am unsure where the mainboard went, but will also be very annoyed if that was gotten rid of.

The bummer here is that I was working on this repair when I was evicted from Noisebridge due to access issues. It’s a bit of salt in the wound knowing this wonderful machine I I was trying to bring back to life was destroyed while I couldn’t access the space in my wheelchair.

That said, it was in disrepair for a very long time and I can understand why people are tired of seeing it around the space. I know people are well-intentioned trying to make our very messy space clean.

We had a really good discussion about this at last night’s meeting and I’m hopeful we can prevent future calamities like this one.

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Hey, thanks for reaching out. However I’d really like to keep thread on topic. There are bunch of other threads about sanitation and moving. I know youre trying to facilitate communication, and it is appreciated. Let’s talk on some other threads though, you can ping me if you have a question.

Does anyone have any information on this pick-and-place machine and where the control board might be?

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