0: 0: 0: Call for Moderators :0 :0 :0 - General Meeting 7 PM Tonight (Tuesday 20210209)

We are NOISEBRIDGE (and this is our meeting!) - starts at 7 PM tonight in the virtual hackitorium https://jitsi.noisebridge.io/hackitorium

These meetings are what we make them. So please come join us as we scheme, plot, and devise NOISEBRIDGE 3.0 a cyberpunk utopia … A good time will be had by all!

If you’d like to start with your cam and mic off this link will do that https://jitsi.noisebridge.io/hackitorium#config.startWithAudioMuted=true&config.startWithVideoMuted=true

and are we up to revision 3.145 yet?

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^ 3.1415 bruh