Classes / Events

Post about classes, dates, times, description, link to meet-up etc. If you need help organizing your event or wanna ask questions about current or potential events, post it here and tag it event-support

New Space

We’re on the search for our forever home.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


What are you working on? How’s it going? Want help? Want to propose something?


News and announcements from and for the Noisebridge community.

Community Calendar

This unofficial, community calendar is for any event you wish to share! Perhaps you are hosting a house concert next week, planning a Chaos Convention party in Germany, or just want to hit up some shows in Santa Rosa!

Safe Mode

Prototype discuss board for handling live issues.

Consensus Items

Propose and discuss consensus items


A Guild is a named collection of people who have a particular area of interest (e.g. sewing), and who come up with their own methods of self-governing to take care of their interest area.