Our Gala Total: $3300.28 (1)
Apparently the big garbage/recycling bins rolled off somewhere (1)
Did you trash the sewing station? It'll be clean soon, but please help (1)
Please do not spray paint the broken elevator (5)
Please keep the ADA path clear (1)
Meeting notes for 2019-04-23 (1)
Guy working on the elevator today (8)
Cash continues to be stolen (6)
Where did my Chicken and veg go? (1)
Happy Easter! (2)
Suggestion - Point our Facebook auto-responder to Meetup and this forum (1)
Next 5mof: Who's in? (3)
ALERT: Club Mate delivery truck outside right now (1)
Finances update (6)
Alarming financial micro-report: We're not making enough money to cover basic expenses ( 2 ) (24)
Lost Red Scarf found! (1)
Someone stole $200 in quarters - most unexcellent (15)
A Bunch of Free Clay Up-For-Grabs (2)
Endless Supply of Leather Scraps (1)
Disco Lighting status? (1)
ReImagine - Host your own celebration of life & death this October! (1)
Hack Request: Power Monitoring Monitor (4)
We have a dust collector! (5)
SuperTuxKart back up (4)
unMeeting 4/2/2019 was great here's a link to the notes (8)
Noiseboat (contingency plan?) (3)
Table saw cartridge replacement (5)
[Solved] Guide and Reimbursement for Staple Products (Soap, Toilet Paper, etc...) (7)
Smashing things to send a message ( 2 3 ) (40)
Introducing some new rules and regulations (10)