Gaming Archivists Sewing <br> The Sewing Guild at Noisebridge is a collection of people who like to sew, design and work with textiles, fashion, soft sculpture, etc. We maintain the sewing space, train people how to use the machines and attempt to repair them if they break. Gamebridge Laser This category is for the Laser Cutter. Electronics Welcome to The Electronics Guild. Elevator The elevator is flaky all the time and it sucks! Let’s use this category to coordinate making Noisebridge more accessible for people with disabilities, starting with the elevator. Music The Rack The Rack is run as an open source project with the same kind of governance. To join Rack, have a look at pages <a href="" class="inline-onebox-loading"></a> to become familiar with the basic guidelines. Fundraising Noisebridge is going to raise $4,000,000 by the end of 2019.
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Post changes in user status here if public. David G lost his fob so I reinstated him in earl as philanthropist. I placed his old fob on hiatus

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